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Blacastan & Stu Bangas Join Tragedy Khadafi For "War Crimes"

By JR on 11:51 AM

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Known for a sound of Hip Hop that's dangerous enough to pop ya top like a champagne cork, Blacastan & Stu Bangas are out for the money and the props on the first leak from the upcoming album 'The Uncanny Adventures of Watson & Holmes', dropping June 9th on Brick Records.

Reissued: 1979 Jazz Fusion Gem "Six To Six" by Hiroshi & Claudia

"For decades the mysterious Hiroshi & Claudia LP has been an elusive jewel amongst the curious world of Australian private press LPs. With nothing more than cryptic broken-English album sleeve notes to reference, the mythical Six To Six LP is a bewildering and intriguing jazz oddity. With prices of the rare original record hitting three figures, collectors began demanding to know who was ‘Hiroshi’, who was ‘Claudia’ and why did a group of unknown Japanese musicians record an album in Australia in the late 1970s only to issue it in micro-quantities, then seemingly disappear back into obscurity. For years no trace of whom they were nor any clue as to the origins of their peculiar yet entrancing music had surfaced. Until now….

Welcome to the brainchild of Gilles Germain and Carmen Fabro, a French/Italian husband and wife team of restaurateurs and film producers operating in Sydney during the 1970s. Establishing the custom record label ‘Atom’, the duo released a handful of highly obscure vanity jazz LPs and promotional horse racing 45s. (Yes it’s all very strange…) The highlight undoubtedly being the album Six To Six, a session recorded in Sydney in 1979 by a group of touring Japanese jazz musicians led by guitarist Hiroshi Yasukawa, and a forgotten and still undocumented Mauritian cabaret singer performing under the alias ‘Claudia’. Sitting somewhere between spacey Balearic disco, haunting soul and hectic funk reminiscent of electric Miles Davis, the Six To Six LP is a curious beast to say the least. "

The brand new reissue is now available courtesy of Northside Records & Roundtable.

Hiroshi (electric & acoustic guitar)
Nobou (synthesizer & keyboards)
Shigeru (bass)
Atsuo (drums)
Toki (alto sax)
Kenji (trumpet & frugel horn)
Taro (mixer)

Favorite Delivers Easy-Breezy '76​-​'85 Soul On "AOR Global Sounds Vol​.​3"

"Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice proudly present the 3rd edition of their acclaimed AOR Global Sounds compilations series. Another brilliant selection of 14 rare and hidden tracks, produced between 1976 and 1985 in various parts of the world.

On AOR Global Sounds Vol.3, DJ and producer Charles Maurice delivers again a fine overview of the AOR and WestCoast influences for many artists in the late 70s and early 80s. Even more than on previous volumes, he selected highly forgotten productions, deeply infused with Disco and Soul flavors."

"Many of these great gems were naturally produced through all the USA, often made by artists with a very short career and as private press. For example, Jeff Silna only recorded this amazing song after winning the competition of a long gone Miami radio station, the Stratus project started around 1974 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and was a band led by Bob Ackley who only released this 7” single in 1976 after recording a full album and doing a few gigs around Michigan, John Kontol (Jon Konteau), however having credits for a few productions and appearances and still acting as a musician, never released another LP after his heartbreaking experience with Erect Records, that never rewarded him for his work and even change his name against his consent, as for “Dirt (In The Sky” by 7 Days Unlimited, whose both members were from Pittsburgh area, where a lot of dirt was literally flying in the air, the song was released in 1980 on a very limited 500 copies 7” single.

But this kind of stories and waste of talent is not solely and American privilege, from Willy Santana (member of Placa Luminosa) in Brazil, and Funky Team in Sweden, to Stacey and Out Of The Fog in Canada, this 3rd edition proves again if necessary the international scope and fervor of this music scene, and the surprising amount of great music that go unnoticed at that time.

Fully remastered from originals, with great attention to sound quality as always, AOR Global Sounds Vol.3 (1976-1985, selected by Charles Maurice) is presented by Favorite Recordings in a gatefold vinyl double LP and as CD." - Favorite Recordings

MC Fat Nice Puts Pen To Paper To Reminisce On A "Time U Miss"

By JR on 6:14 PM

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A cool reminisce song amongst many for the Hip Hop books by Fat Nice who brings just the right ingredients to set the tone for you to reflect on good times. Driven by the pleasant sound of a Fender Rhodes piano loop combined with boom-bap drums and a slick scratch chorus, this fat rhyme technician brings something flavorful to the ear of those who light up upon the arrival of authentic Hip Hop style.

Stream "Motor City" Beats by J Dilla, Record Store Day Vinyl Available

By JR on 7:15 AM

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Nod your head to the sound of Motor City Detroit as Ma Dukes curates a set of rare Dilla beats for Record Store Day 2017. If your a die-hard Jay Dee head, you may remember some of these beats from his volumes of beat compilations which have circulated online after his passing. Now thanks to his proud mother and Vintage Vibes records, this great music has been pressed to wax as a collectors item on the"Motor City" LP.

Get the "Motor City" vinyl LP packaged in a limited edition mailing envelope by J Dilla here at Turntable Lab.

Stream "10" by Singer, Songwriter And Prince Protégé Shelby J.

"Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, & Social Activist, Shelby Johnson or as Prince would say, "ShelbyJ." is a native of Greensboro, NC.

She is CEO of Blackgypsy Enterprises. Her company specializes in Spreading Positive messages, Light & Love through recorded Music, Books,Art & live performance.

Shelby has toured Nationally & Internationally with her band Blackgypsy, Groove Theory, Mary J. Blige, Anthony Hamilton, D'Angelo, Martin Luther, Chante Savage, Santana, Larry Graham & her current band leader,mentor and "co-star" for the 2007 History making Superbowl Halftime Performance... PRINCE!"

Afro-Cuban Fusion Movement (U)nity Release "Guarapachanga" Remix Single

By JR on 5:49 PM

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"We wanted to make a fresh new sound . fusing my new york / cuban background, with axel's afro cuban background along with all the other sounds we loved listening to like hip hop, rnb, soul, blues, eletronica, weird beat music, rock, jazz, soul, & funk. we wanted to do something with cuban music that's never been done before. as micheal, chris and max came in to the mix things began to change and open up.

Each member is is a musical puzzle piece, they each bring their sound, and life experiences to the table. we have a unlikely unorthodox collaboration, we've broken the rules of what a typical band is supposed be. in fact we stop being a "band" a really long time ago. (u)nity is a movement. a collation of like minded artists. we pay homage to the past. we respect and know the history. but we're not held back by it."- Amaury Acosta

Enjoy the progressive fusion of (U)nity as they pay tribute to a musical style known as "guarapachangeo" - the most advanced form of Cuban rumba, heavily improvisational and based on very complex rhythms and melodies.

This remix single featuring production by A Nicholson Miquifaye and Bae Bro is now available here at Juno Records. The New York-based (U)nity is made up of Michael Valeanu, Axel Tosca Laugart, Chris Smith, Max Cudworth and Amaury Acosta. They formed the band in 2006 as a project to explore Afro-Cuban jazz, funk, soul and contemporary electronica.

NaS & The Soul Rebels Perform A Medley Of Classics In Australia, 2017

One of Hip Hop's new favorite backing bands The Soul Rebels do a great job in adding a new dimension of power and Soul to the music of Nas in a medley of his all-time classics. Live at Byron Bay Bluesfest, Australia, April 13, 2017.

Funk Band The Brooks Get On The Good Foot Through The "Pain & Bliss"

By JR on 12:55 PM

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With the realization that life can be hard at times, 8-piece Canadian Funk band The Brooks use the power of music for one of it's greatest purposes: to keep on pushing through regardless of the circumstance. The fun, upbeat vibe of "Pain & Bliss" is sure to give you the feeling of letting it all hang out as each song projects warmth of musical atmosphere and a lot of heart in the form of summertime Funk and Soul within the vein of greats such as The Fatback Band, The JB's, Curtis Mayfield and Tower of Power.

The Brooks bring a combination of authenticity in their craft with positive messages for Funk music with a great purpose, "Pain & Bliss" is here to make you feel good by turning the reality of our lives from the ordinary everyday into a celebration.

Robert Glasper & DJ Bowls Pays Tribute To Jazz Sampling In Hip Hop

"Why do hip-hop producers gravitate toward jazz samples? For a mood, for sonic timbre, for a unique rhythmic component. Swing is a precursor to the boom-bap. "If you're a hip-hop producer that wants a lot of melodic stuff happening," pianist Robert Glasper says, "you're probably going to go to jazz first."

Glasper has lived in an area of overlap between jazz and hip-hop for more than two decades — and you can hear it in his piano playing, which often drifts into cyclical rhythms akin to a beat-maker's loops. It's all one and the same to Glasper: recasting the music of Miles Davis for an R&B audience or rocking live shows with Q-Tip; playing acoustic jazz with his trio or streamlined soul with his Grammy-winning Robert Glasper Experiment.

In this short doc, Glasper identifies three jazz samples, from tracks by Ahmad Jamal and Herbie Hancock, that have served as source material for famed hip-hop producers J Dilla and Pete Rock." - NPR

"Live 60-minute mix of over 50 J Dilla jazz samples, aimed at the fans who want to know everything the man ever used. All tracks are ripped from 100% original vinyl. Enjoy and RIP Dilla – STILL NUMBER ONE." - Bowls

DJ TAQ-1 Cuts Up Funk Breaks On "Korean Funk Experience" Mix Series

By JR on 12:19 PM

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For those who dig the sound of crackling dust on vinyl, funky sound and obscure breaks cut by the hands of a Hip Hop DJ, "Korean Funk Experience" by DJ TAQ-1 aims for The Far East in deep crate excavation. If you've never heard Funk breaks from this region, enjoy a surprise as Korea demonstrate they've got Soul as DJ TAQ-1 spans a large gamut of moods, from mellow and pleasant, upbeat and funky to dark and dramatic, plus hard-hitting drum breaks and some covers.

Visit DJ TAQ-1 here at Discogs to purchase vinyl from his Korean Funk collection and buy this 3-volume mix CD series.

Flip Through The Slick Rick Children Story Book With Get Down & Disco Biscuits

For Record Store Day 2017, Get Down blesses Hip Hop with a collectors reissue of Slick Rick's classic debut album featuring an exclusive package which includes a picture sleeve 45 with “Children’s Story” and “The Moment I Feared” (with artwork taken from the original “Children’s Story” 12-inch), and a CD of Great Adventures of Slick Rick.

In the trailer above, flip through the children's book which also comes with the package as Get Down presents a look inside Slick Rick's "The Great Adventures Of…" Deluxe Vinyl 7"+ CD + Children's Book (Record Store Day).

Below, listen up as the Funk Band Disco Biscuits add a new groove to the classic " La Di Da Di" as they perform the song with Slick Rick live in 2004.

Get your copy of Slick Rick's "The Great Adventures Of…" Deluxe Vinyl 7"+ CD + Children's Book (Record Store Day 2017 release) here at Turntable Lab.

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